Mish Mash.
Drawing, and then some.

by Libby Parra
By Leah Bray
By Kirsty Saunders
Fox Monster by Alice Jamieson
Monster by Yasmin Daley
Monster No.1 by Libby Parra
Croceagle! by Leah Bray
Tattoo design by Libby Parra

Meet my super hero professor party pants. I’m most likely going to re-visit this idea, I mean, come on… PARTY. PANTS.

And this is the man without his disguise in those magical pants of his!
Lastly meet Pardee!
The most awkward of DD’s you’ll probably every meet! Equipped with rizla’s and roaches in her bikini bra straps and bags of khush on her utility belt she is the most reliable DD around! Her sixth sense for those who are in need with no means of distribution power her levitation abilities to be there in the nick of time!
She loves to party and doesn’t just provide the khush but comes with her magical orb to provide every munchie food you desire!
Follow her creator Yasmin Daley on - http://daleyillustrations.tumblr.com